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In times of uncertainty, we’ve found that spiritual guidance restores a sense of balance. Finding that peace, no matter how momentarily, is vital to moving forward in the face of adversity. Incidentally, Thai culture is saturated with symbols steeped in a history of Buddhist beliefs. Collection ARAK draws upon two of these symbols, Namo and Pirod, repurposing them into modern day charms.

The NAMO symbolizes guidance for enlightenment, offering protection from misfortunes & illnesses, and a bearer of general well-being.

PIROD is a traditional knot formed by intertwining ropes. It was commonly worn for protection, and in this collection, the PIROD signifies a strengthened bond between persons. A fitting gift at a time where companionship is prized, or a timely reminder to cherish what is dear.

ARAK consists of sterling silver charm pendants, rings and accessories in contemporary designs that can be always worn comfortably, and stylishly.