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Hunting for resources has been an activity that lasted as long as human history. Today, even as we are able to clearly see the effects of poaching, encroachment on pristine natural habitats, pollution and all other sorts of irreversible devastation that mankind has brought onto wildlife population, extinction of various species still seems imminent.  In light of this, we will like to believe there is still something that we can do.

A Natural History of Loss (ANHLfeatures a series of ten antiquated animal skulls selected from a list of vulnerable animals. Through use of a paradoxical form; one reminiscent of wall-mounted trophies, we would like the wearer/collector to look beyond visual aesthetics and get to know the animals and the conditions they are in. We wish to start conversations on animal conservation, and human ethos in relation to being part of the ecosystem.

These silver skulls serve as a poignant reminder of the eventual remnants of our majestic wildlife, and we do not only question the necessity in bringing gradual annihilation to wildlife, we will like you to be part of this conscious effort in spreading awareness. 

Consisting of 25 limited pieces in each design, ANHL is the very collection that jump-started our silversmithing journey in 2011. It was tremendously challenging to sculpt and assemble the intricate animal skulls and parts without the tools we now possess. Even with years passed, this collection is still significant and remains our prized collection.